Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

These days everyone is looking for ways to save money on groceries. I thought I’d take some time to share tips for saving money on groceries in today’s blog post. Disclaimer: The links provided in this blog post might give me referral bonuses if you sign up using my link. You don’t have to, you can definitely just google the apps and sign up through there.

Tip #1 For Saving Money on Groceries: Aldi

If you only take one tip away from this post let it be this – shop at Aldi! I save so much money now that I’ve made Aldi part of my grocery shopping. I still shop at other grocery stores but I do a good chunk of my grocery shopping at Aldi. Not everything is cheaper so you have to know your prices. There’s definitely a lot of savings to be had shopping at Aldi. For example, chips at my Aldi are $1.09 and at Wal-Mart the cheapest I’ve seen is $2.50. That’s a savings of $1.41 a bag, at one bag a week that equates to $73 in savings a year. The chips taste the same to me as other name brands. Another good deal I’ve found is almond milk; at my local Target I’ve seen it for around $3. At Aldi it is $1.99 which is $1.01 in savings. I buy almond milk every week so that’s around $52 of savings a year shopping at Aldi.

I have never bought any beef or chicken or dairy products (although boyfriend does like their cheese) so I can’t advise you on those items. The products i have bought I’ve never had a problem with. I have had to return an item or two but they have a really good return policy. The only thing to watch out for is produce, if you don’t go at the right time of a day it either looks sad or is all picked over. Produce for me is hit or miss. I can usually find good prices on carrots, zucchini, and cucumbers but everything else just depends. Definitely know your prices (or current week’s sale prices) before you head to Aldi. Don’t forget your reusable bags and your quarter for you grocery cart.

Tip #2 For Saving Money on Groceries: Ibotta

Ibotta is a mobile app designed to give you rebates on things you purchase. They have over 342 supported stores (even some online only stores) currently. Every week there are different cash back options that you can choose from. You do have to upload your receipt before the rebate expires so I’m sure they’re collecting data about who buys what. After you’ve gotten $20 worth of rebates in your account you can cash out and send the money to PayPal. There are also other options to get gift cards with your rewards money. My only complaint is that you have to wait until you get to $20 to cash out. When I first started using Ibotta I could cash out at $5, so now it does take longer to earn that money. At least for me it does, mainly because I don’t buy a lot of the items that have rebates. I do wish that there were more rebates for produce and that Aldi was one of the stores available. It takes me a while to build up money on Ibotta mostly because I don’t buy a lot of the packaged items but I’ve seen produce, eggs, and other products I buy from time to time on there.

Tip #3 For Saving Money on Groceries: Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is much like Ibotta in that you buy certain items and upload your receipt for cash back. Checkout 51 does allow you to redeem receipts from Aldi which is nice. A  lot of the savings are for packaged products that I don’t buy. I do still find items I’m buying on the app but just not as many. You can unlock fresh produce cash back but you have to redeem so many other cash backs before they unlock. I don’t like that Checkout 51 makes you wait until you have $20 before you can transfer the money to your PayPal account.

Tip #4 For Saving Money on Groceries: Cartwheel

If you shop at Target and you don’t know about Cartwheel you’re missing out. The Cartwheel app gives you savings on items at checkout. Simply scan an item’s barcode as you shop and if a deal is found it will add it to your list. At checkout simply scan your Cartwheel barcode and all of the discounts will be taken off. Cartwheel used to be it’s own app but now it is part of the Target app. I always find discounts on at least some of the items I buy. There always seem to be Market Pantry items on Cartwheel. If you buy a lot of Target’s brand, you’re bound to find savings.

I hope those tips for saving money on groceries help your next grocery shopping trip. Groceries are becoming so expensive so savings money is definitely a must.

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