My Favorite LuLaRoe Pieces

Today I’m sharing my favorite LuLaRoe pieces. This is the second post in the LuLaRoe series, if you haven’t read the first post, you can read it here.These are the pieces that I think are super versatile and ones that everyone should have in their LuLaRoe wardrobe.


This is a no-brainer! I wear my leggings year round, yes even in the summer in Florida I wear them. I wear them rolled up into Capri pants in the summer.  In the winter I can either pair them with a dress or skirt or wear them with a one of the many different tops I have and a Sarah.I can’t wait to wear them this Fall/Winter with some booties, my favorite Joy and a Sarah. The possibilities of outfits with leggings are endless.


Another of my favorite LuLaRoe pieces is the Irma is a tunic top. She goes well over leggings as well it’s great with a skirt. I love to tie her up in the front (or the back) to give it a little more shape. Don’t be overwhelmed by this over sized tunic, make sure to size down one or two sizes (compared to what you wear in normal shirts) for a good fit. I’ve also figured out how to wear an over sized Irma as a halter top. Some people even style the Irma as a dress.


The Julia is a dress but I’ve also worn mine as a top under a skirt. Julia is easy to dress up or down depending what you pair her with. I like to wear mine with my favorite Joy and with a pair of my favorite Converse. When it gets colder out, I plan to pair her with leggings, boots, and either a Joy or a Sarah (the duster sweater) or maybe both. I was skeptical about the Julia at first because she is a more fitted dress but I sized up one to have a little looser fitting. I’ve also seen people wear a shirt over their Julia which is cute too.


The Cassie is one of my two favorite skirts. She can also be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I’ve worn mine dressed down with my favorite Randy and  Converse.  The Cassie is great dressed up over my Julia with my Joy. I’ve also seen people wear their Cassie as a tub top or even as an infinity scarf. I never thought I’d love a pencil skirt the way I love the Cassie. She’s definitely grown on me. I find I can wear different sizes in the Cassie depending on the material (as with most LuLaRoe pieces).


Everyone needs a Joy in their LuLaRoe wardrobe. I’ve worn mine so many times since I got it about a month ago. I love the Joy! She goes great with skirts, dresses, and even leggings. She’s great to dress an outfit up or just to add another layer of interest to your outfit. Mine is a solid grey and super lightweight so it goes with everything and can be worn all the time. I want a patterned Joy next so that I can add more character to my outfits.


The baseball tee! This is my favorite LuLaRoe piece! I could live in the Randy. The Randy can be dressed up with a skirt, dressed down with leggings or even paired with shorts or jeans. Randy is so comfortable and just an all around fun shirt. I also like that the sleeves come down to my elbows because I’m always cold so she keeps me warn.


I wasn’t a fan of her at first. She’s got a pocket and if you know me you know I hate shirts or dresses with that top pocket. She just looked all drab and over sized when I first saw her. I was finally convinced to get over my hate for shirts/dresses with pockets and once I saw how to style her, bought one. Now I have 3 of them and love each of them. Carly is so light, flowy, and just all around comfortable especially in the hot Florida summer. I’ve worn her belted (my favorite way) with my Joy or Sarah and a pair of converse. Do you see a theme? I love my Converse almost as much as I love my LuLaRoe. She can also be worn tied many different ways. My mom likes to wear her Carly tied over a Cassie skirt. I think she’ll be cute in the winter over leggings with some ankle boots.


The Madison is a skirt with POCKETS! How can you go wrong with a skirt that has pockets? I love my Madison and definitely want to add more to my wardrobe. I’ve worn her over my Julia or with my Irma. In the Fall and Winter I plan to wear her with a Sarah and some boots.


The Sarah is the long duster sweater. I was skeptical at first, especially since I live in Florida and it never really gets that cold. Also, I’m on the shorter side and she’s super long. I recently acquired a really pretty purple and black lightweight one that’s perfect for Florida’s Fall and Winter weather or just for indoors (I’m always cold) that I love. I also learned how to tie her on both sides so that it brings the sides up so that it isn’t as long in the front. I’m definitely a fan of her now. It’s important to try each piece and look for different and new ways to style the pieces before you decide you don’t like them.

If you love what you see, join my mom’s LuLaRoe Facebook group and get started building your own LuLaRoe wardrobe. You can join her group here.

What questions do you have for me about LuLaRoe? Have a style you’re curious about how to wear? What are your favorite LuLaRoe pieces? Let me know in the comments below.

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