July Favorites

Happy last day of July! Today I am sharing some of my favorite products from July. I plan to make this a monthly series to share my favorite products from the month.

July Favorites: Skincare

I LOVE Dermae products, especially the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Face Mask, and the Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum. I’d never heard of this company until I got one of the face scrub in an Ipsy subscription bag. I was hesitant to try it but I’m so glad I did because I fell in love with it. I even introduced it to boyfriend and he now uses it and says it has helped clear up his face. My face has never been as smooth as it has been since I started using these products. Yes I still do get the occasional breakout but overall my face is much smoother and clearer. Now lets talk about the Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum, yes I may not be that old and yes I may not need it right now, but I’m all about preventative maintenance. I want to do whatever I can to keep my face moisturized and well hydrated. The night serum has Vitamin A & E in it which are great moisturizers. I buy my products on Amazon, but you can buy them from some stores and from their website. Dermae’s products are a healthier/safer alternative, which is something I appreciate. They are more expensive than other products in the store but I think taking care of my skin is definitely more important and something I’ll spend extra on.

July Favorites: Jewelry

My recent favorite jewelry is my Stella & Dot Pave Ear Cuff and the Pave Triangle Path Ear Climber earrings. I was recently introduced to Stella & Dot and I’m in love with all of their jewelry. A good chunk of their store is on my wish list. I love my ear cuff and ear climber earrings and wear them all the time. I will be purchasing a necklace soon, if I can ever decide which one I like best. Stella & Dot is sold though a stylist (they make a commission off of your purchase). If you’re in need of some new jewelry definitely check them out. If you’re interested in some pieces and want to go through my stylist just let me know & I’ll get you her information (no I’m not getting anything from referring you to her, I’m just doing it because I love both the products and my stylist).

July Favorites: Clothing

My favorite clothing recently is really a whole brand of clothing. I’m going to keep this short & sweet because I’m going to be doing a whole blog series featuring this brand soon. Anyway, my favorite brand of clothing is LuLaRoe! Most days all I wear is LuLaRoe, I love their clothes, pretty soon the only non-LuLaRoe I’ll have in my closet is jeans, workout clothes, and some of my favorite brewery and running t-shirts. They carry unique prints with limited amounts of each print spread out across all sizes and all the different products they make. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear the clothes and they even carry styles for men and children. I love that I can mix and match styles. My mom just launched her LuLaRoe Boutique and I’m super excited for her. You can find her group on Facebook here.

July Favorites: Make-Up

I’ve had both of these products for a while and as you can see from the picture – I use them all the time. I got the Model Co Power Lash mascara (in black) and the Nomad eye shadow (in color Marrakesh) in my Ipsy subscriptions quite a while ago. I love both products and use them all the time. The mascara lasts all day and I’ve never had an issue with it clumping. I like that it goes on smoothly every time. The eye shadow is my favorite color, it’s a gold color, and I wear it all the time. I was skeptical at first but once I put it on, it looks awesome. I’m definitely going to be buying both of these products once they run out.

What are some of your favorite products lately? Thanks for reading!

Until next time.


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