Weekly Meal Prep

This week on the blog I thought I’d share what I meal prepped last weekend. I don’t prep the same things every week but this will give you a general idea for me. As always this is what works for me and not necessarily what you should meal prep, I’m just sharing to give you some ideas.

Weekly Meal Prep: Breakfast

This past week I prepped my Egg Potato Veggie Bake that I shared on the blog a few weeks ago. You can find the recipe here. We like it because it’s easy to heat up and eat. I usually eat mine with some Ezekiel toast or oatmeal and he eats his with a bagel or just by itself. It has definitely become a staple in our house since I came up with the recipe, though some weeks I change-up the vegetables that go in it.

Weekly Meal Prep: Snacks

Typically I cut up some vegetables for one of my snack, usually cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini. I try to cut up and portion out for every day of the week on Sunday so that I don’t have to meal prep again mid-week. Sometimes I’ll have hummus with my vegetables but typically not. Other snacks I typically take are some sort of fruit, some almonds, protein powder, an RxBar (my favorite is the Chocolate Sea Salt). Some days I add another snack that I prepare in the morning, it always depends on what my macros are, what we have in the house, and if I think I’ll be extra hungry that day (because I worked out legs earlier in the morning). He usually eats fruit, yogurt, and some other snack (almonds, chips, or pretzels for example).

Weekly Meal Prep: Lunch

This week I meal prepped cilantro lime chicken in the crock pot, some rice, and cooked vegetables. I like the cilantro lime chicken because it’s easy to prepare and it cooks by itself all day. All it takes is chopped garlic, lime juice, cilantro, chicken breast, and a little bit of olive oil. I enjoy it over rice with vegetables or with potatoes or some other grain. Some weeks I make two different carb sources so I mix and match what I want to eat for lunch. During this week’s meal prep I made asparagus to eat during the beginning of the week and later in the week I steamed broccoli. Every night before bed we portion out our lunches for the week.

Weekly Meal Prep: Dinner

I don’t typically meal prep dinners as we like to make them every night but I do meal prep extra vegetables and typically make extra rice so we can eat it for dinner. We’ll also make other sides to go with dinner as we go, such as sweet potatoes or pasta (for him). Some days we do eat leftovers from the previous night but otherwise we cook every night.

That’s about all the meal prep I do for the week. Do you meal prep any of your meals? If so what are your staple items?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Prep

  1. Yum! That egg and potato bake is definitely going to be in my routine when the school year starts again. I absolutely burned myself out on smoothies last year, so I’m searching for good recipes so that doesn’t happen again!
    Quinoa and beans are a must for our meal prepping. But I love changing it up with some yummy sauces or salsas!

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